Keywords: Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Health Nutrition


The Public Health Center seeks to mobilize and monitor the implementation of cross-sectoral development including by the community and the business world in its working area, so that it is insightful and supports health development. Puskesmas actively monitors and reports on the health impacts of the implementation of each development program in its working area. Efforts made by the Public Health Center in health development are to prioritize health maintenance and disease prevention without neglecting disease healing and health restoration. Data analysis was carried out descriptively by describing health and nutrition problems, how to overcome them, community nutrition programs (PGM), implementing supervision of institutions, as well as planning, implementing and evaluating programs at the Regional Technical Implementation Unit of the Gilingan Community Health Center. Program planning is carried out by collecting target data, the program that has been implemented until March 2020 is the provision of high-dose vitamin A capsules for infants and toddlers. Program evaluation is carried out in monthly mini-workshops. Evaluation is carried out in several ways, such as coaching or training posyandu cadres at the kelurahan level by community health center officers.



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