International Journal of Health, Education and Social (IJHES)

The International Journal of Health, Education and Social (IJHES) is a monthly online, peer-reviewed, and access-access journal published by the Ijhes Research Institute. This journal is committed to publishing research and development of new studies, which have a significant impact on health, education and social science as a whole. This journal welcomes lecturers, researchers, practitioners, resource persons, and practitioners to generate new ideas and ideas that can expand the body of knowledge, education, and social science that exists.

This journal publishes research papers in the fields of health, education, management, social and religion, technology, culture, peace and conflict, library and information science, public administration, psychology, philosophy, sociology, women's studies, religious studies, social welfare, anthropology, linguistics, education, economics, international relations, law, development studies, population studies, political science, management, marketing, finance, banking, accounting, human resource management, international business, hotels and tourism, entrepreneurship development, business ethics and so on.




International Journal of Health, Education and Social (IJHES)

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