Information System Design Of Kartu Batang Sehat (Kbs) To Provide Public Health Service In Batang District

  • Mei Erawati Public Health Office
  • Aris Puji Widodo Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Farid Agushybana Master of Public Health, Diponegoro University, Indonesia


Kartu Batang Sehat (KBS) is regional government programs to provide public health services of health insurance for the poor in the Batang district. However in practice, there are still obstacles such as long process of KBS proposal service, data verification and validation still use manual system, officers had difficulty in checking the KBS applicant data and double membership are still found that resulted in duplicate medical expenses insurance. This study attempts to design web based information system by using the waterfall method and to measure the quality of information before and after the development of information systems, based on accessibility, conformity, completeness, availability and punctuality .The results of the study will provide information system consisting of a KBS login page feature, the check page of National Health  Insurance JKN data, the check page of Integrated Database (BDT) data, KBS request page, confirmation page of KBS request and summary report. The output of KBS information systems are list of new KBS membership, JKN/KBS membership numbered report, KBS report daily services and official statements of KBS. Based on the information quality test, there is 1.31 point difference of average weighted gap before and after of system development. So we can conclude that this system can cope the problem with proven an increase in the information quality.