Computer Network And Its Consequences –A Literature Survey

Keywords: Computer, network, cloud computing network, machine, device, Device, Server, Internet, mainframes, ad-hoc networks, cyber security, wireless networks, mobile networks, LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, WMAN


This paper describes about the computing environment and types of network used and various others existed possible networks available for certain purpose and can be used in the computer network environment. As everyone knows about the computer network, basically it is a collection of computer machine, servers, network devices, mainframes or any devices which has the capacity or features of connecting to each other and can form a network. Minimum two machines or device can be connected and can be said as a computer network. Now this network is capable to share information or data within the connected devices or networks only. Its best suited example can be internet where many more than the million peoples are confined within the networks and exchange data or information worldwide in fractions of seconds on a single click of computer keyboard. Often we see and use widely in the applications of cloud computing and cyber crimes and security concern