Improved Quality Of Learning In Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Riyadlul Qori’in Superior Ma’had Dirosatil Qur’aniyah Jember Indonesia

  • Mundir IAIN Jember Indonesia
Keywords: The quality of the learning process, quality of learning outcomes


The quality of learning, both in terms of the learning process and learning outcomes, is a condition where learning that is designed by educators and school principals can really satisfy customers (students, parents, government and society). This research aims to explore and describe a number of efforts made by the head and educators of the excellent Riyadlul Qori'in Ma'had Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Dirosatil Qur'aniyah Ajung-Jember in improving the quality of learning. With a qualitative approach and type of descriptive research, the following results were found: a) To improve the quality of learning, the madrasa head held a coordination meeting with educators and the Foundation on a regular and scheduled basis; motivate students to be diligent, send educators in turn to participate in scientific activities. b) Meanwhile, educators try to design learning with the concept of Active Learning Innovative Creative Cretative (PAIKEM), striving for student learning outcomes to be in line with or even above the Minimum completeness Criteria, instilling the importance of being responsible, confident, honest, hard working and high enthusiasm for learning