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Publication Fee if the paper is accepted for publication, the author will be asked to pay a publication fee of 75 USD for the first 15 pages and additional cost $ 5 per page is charged more, this matter as an article publication fee to finance the operating costs. Abandonment policy does not apply. The author is entitled to a copy of the printed journal by paying 50 USD for each additional copy.

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Goals and objectives


The International Journal of High Education Scientist (IJHES) aims to publish Education and Social Sciences insights in the form of research articles, literature reviews, case studies, short communication and book reviews. The core aim of this journal is to facilitate researchers, academics, scholars, resource persons, and practitioners to come to the platform and to share their research findings with the rest of the world so that decisions taken can be taken to enhance insights on Health, Education and Social Sciences as a whole. IJHES also aims to follow a strict double-blind peer review mechanism to ensure that the articles submitted meet quality standards.