Relationship Between Education Service Satisfaction with Learning Outcomes

Keywords: Satisfaction, Service, Learning Outcomes


Background: student satisfaction is very important in the learning process to find out the emotional state of students towards the material being learned in learning. In learning services obtained by students are very influential on learning outcomes. To increase satisfaction of learning services, it is necessary to pay attention to factors that influence the teaching skills of teachers, student achievement. Based on the description above, this research is important to test the contribution of teacher skills, learning conditions and learning outcomes as a reference to increase learning service satisfaction.

Objective: this study aims to determine the relationship between satisfaction of learning services with learning outcomes at primary school Serawak, with the number of respondents 40 student guardians.

Method: this type of research uses data collection with a quantitative approach. Data collection techniques using a closed questionnaire because it aims to determine the relationship between learning service satisfaction with learning outcomes. The population in this study was the guardian of 6th grade students. Sampling in this study was carried out by random sampling. Respondents in this study were 40 guardians of students. Data analysis techniques used in this study are Kendal Tau Correlation or assisted with SPSS.

Results: The results of the analysis in this case shows that the correlation coefficient is - .02 with a significance of 0.832, because the significance <0.832 then Ho is rejected, meaning Ha is accepted meaning that there is a significant relationship between Satisfaction with Learning Outcomes.


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