Keywords: ethnic, Problem, Relation


The international relations in the present age has become more complex because of the fact that conflictual behaviour among the nations has become more common than the cooperative one. Friendly relations, more especially among neighbour, help to promote the prosperity of the nations. However, relations among nations are often complex and are influenced by a variety of factors like geopolitical, historical, racial, religious, Ideological and strategic etc.

Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are India's close neighbours. Relations with those countries assume special importance for India by virtue of their location. Sri Lanka is nearer to India because of strategic, political and historical factors. Geographically, it is a close neighbour of India, separated by a narrow strip of waters the 'Palk strait’ situated at a distance of a few miles. By seeing the map of India, Sri Lanka appears like a 'geographical child' of India. A romantic poet imagines that Sri Lanka change to the foot of "Mother India' and a painter observes that Sri Lankan is a “locket in the chain” of India.

Relations with this country is, therefore of considerable importance. A number of common approaches and determinants government the relations between the two countries. They are also closely linked with socio-cultural and religious ties


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