Entrepreneurship-Based Pesantren Education Innovation

  • Hamdanah Lecturer at Jember Islamic University
Keywords: Educational policy innovation, boarding schools, entrepreneurship


This study departs from the social reality of the phenomenon of the large number of automatic boarding schools and also the increasing number of pesantren boarding students, namely students scattered throughout the archipelago, on the other hand the number of unemployed numbers, limited job opportunities become a problem that cannot be ignored, therefore it is very appropriate if boarding schools make entrepreneurship-based policy.
The formulation of the problem in this research is how the innovation of Shofa Marwa Islamic boarding school education policy based on entrepreneurship and how Shofa Marwa boarding school strategy in developing the spirit of Entrepreneurship
The purpose of this study is to analyze elaborating and describing entrepreneurship-based pesantren education policy innovations and Shofa Marwa Islamic Boarding School strategy in preparing students to be able to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship, secondly what is the foundation and motivation of entrepreneurship activities in Shofa Marwa Islamic boarding school third benefit of entrepreneurship development for students, institutions and society.
This study uses a phenomenological approach with observation methods, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions and documentaries
The results of the study show that: Shofa Marwa Islamic Boarding School has innovated an educational policy based on entrepreneurship in the form of activities a. make a hydroponic green house. b. in collaboration with several restaurants and hotels to buy hodroponic vegetables. c. Cooperative. d. making various kinds of skills in the form of bags from beads, necklaces from beads, making various cakes and artwork by making various pieces of work from used materials but becoming unique and interesting items, e. making fish ponds whose results are in addition to being consumed by students also for business. rent rent land.
Motivation of entrepreneurship in boarding schools is with the intention of worship and instill a spirit of independence, responsibility and never ask to ask because it can improve the economy, develop integrity and balance between the interests of the habhunminallah ukhrowi and the worldly interests of hablunminannas.


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