Affect Health Education With Diabetes Management Self-Education Methods For

  • Nina Anggraeni Noviasari Faculty of Public Health study program of health promotion
  • Widjanarko Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Sutopo Patria Jati Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Keywords: Self-Education Management, Diabetes, Smart Claims, blood sugar, self care activities


Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a chronic disease that reduces insulin production from pancrease and insulin produced is not effective in reducing blood sugar levels. This situation will increase blood sugar levels thereby increasing most body systems. Disease with a high prevalence cannot be completely resolved, but can prevent or be controlled may not be chronic.

This study aims to measure changes in self-care, diabetes pressure, and blood sugar levels after DSME health education in prolanis diabetes mellitus patients with the Tlogosari Kulon community health center.

The results of this study indicate that Self Management Education (DSME) has a higher influence on self care, diabetes pressure and blood sugar levels of patients who have not yet died. Patients who have received Self Management Education (DSME) show a change in self-care activities before DSME and after DSME, self-care activities after DSME are higher than before DSME. DSME and sugar levels are more normal and stable than before DSME diabetic patients