Development Of Health Promotion Media As An Effort To Improve Safety And Health Of Tourists In Parangtritis Beach Tourism Area

  • Utami Laila Sari Magister of Health Promotion, Faculty of Public Health, Diponegoro University
  • Bagoes Widjanarko Diponegoro University, Indonesia
  • Martini Martini Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Keywords: Health Promotion, Media, Safety and Health, Tourism


Introduction: Parangtritis beach is the most visited tourist destination in Special Region of Yogyakarta. The high number of tourists’ activities results in the high potential accident that can happen on the spot. Some efforts to increase the tourists’ health degree can be done through various preventive measures. Health promotion at the Coastal Tourism Area is an effort to prevent, control, supervise, and manage things that can possibly harm the tourists in the area. Prevention, education, and health promotion efforts by providing more communicative information and in accordance with the target’s needs are fundamental expected to provide better behavioral changes in minimizing the dangers that may occur in Parangtritis beach tourism area. Purpose: Developing health promotion media in Parangtritis beach tourism area as a means of improving safety and health of the tourists so that information which is easily accepted and understood could be delivered to them. Method: this study uses a qualitative approach with Action Research design. The research covers the stages of analyzing the needs of information media and media development. Results: the results showed that accidents which were mostly occured were drowning and jellyfish stings. This is due to tourists’ lack of knowledge about RIP Current and preventive acts of jellyfish stings. In addition, according to tourists, the given information about the dangers that might happen in the Parangtritis beach tourism area is still lacking, so that media development needs to be done with the hope that information can be received and spread evenly to tourists. Conclusion: the most needed media are tickets and brochures contains the dangers of RIP Current and jellyfish stings.