Design and Development of Bungo Emergency Service (BES) System Information 119 Android-Based

Abdul Rahman, Aris Puji Widodo, Sri Achadi Nugraheni

Keywords: System Design, Bungo Emergency Service (BES), Fast, Android


Emergency services are very important things to consider. One of the factors that influence the quality of pre-hospital emergency services is the response to the handling of victims. With the advancement of information technology that is developing at the time, especially applications in smartphones that are very advanced and can be synergized with the needs in the pre-hospital emergency service system. The problems that have occurred so far in emergency services are the length of response time of  finding the location of the victim and the destination location   referring to the nearest health facility. The purpose of this research in to make it easier for the public to request medical emergency assistance to Bungo Emergency Service (BES) 119. This type of research is qualitative and quantitative. by using the  the one group pre and post test research design, the method used in developing system is FAST (Framework for Application of System Engineering). Subjects in the study were 2 Village Midwives, 2 Ambulance Drivers, and 5 respondents who worked at Public Safety Center 119.

The method of data collection in this study by means of observation and interviews, then analyzed by the method of content analysis and descriptive analysis using a weighted average. Descriptively, the results of the analysis are the weighted average value of overall information quality before system development 1.78 and after system development 3.65 with a difference of 1.87. Calculation of response time service to victims is 5.4 seconds faster.The results of this study concluded that there was an increase in the quality of information systems before and after the development of a new system, support and commitment are needed from the Public Safety Center 119 of the Bungo District Health Office to implement the Bungo Emergency Service 119 information system optimally. Periodic monitoring and evaluation of system users must be carried out by the 119 Public Safety Center  and Bungo District Health Office. 


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ijhes, editor. (2019). Design and Development of Bungo Emergency Service (BES) System Information 119 Android-Based. International Journal of Health, Education & Social (IJHES), 1(6), 1-14.

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