Diana Dwi Rosida, Siti Chairun Nisa’, Dias Susilawati, Suheri

Keywords: Learning methods, understanding concepts, Student


Background: The Qur'an is a guideline for Muslims. In the Qur'an there are procedures for reading and writing the Qur'an, therefore a proper method is needed to facilitate the teaching of the Qur'anic Reading. If there are errors in understanding the concept of Al-Qur'an learning, the results obtained will not be maximal. This study aims to determine the effect of the Qur'anic learning method on understanding concepts in the educational institution of the Nurul Hasan Tangsil Kulon Foundation Tilawati Method, Qur'anic Education At-Taqwa Bondowoso Yambu'a Method and Education Qur'an Darul Qur 'an Al-Wafa Dawuhan (Takrir Method). The type of research we use is field research while the approach we use is a quantitative approach, then our data collection techniques use questionnaires / tests, population, sample, number of respondents and the analysis that we use is One way Anova analysis which is assisted by the SPSS application. Questioner spread in the form of a question Read write the Qur'an containing questions related to learning Read write the Qur'an. With this we use the Qur'anic Education student population, the sample consisted of three different Education Al Qur'anyang methods and we used 60 respondents as respondents. Whereas the analysis that we use is One Way Anova analysis which is assisted by SPSS Application. So based on the results of the data analysis it can be concluded that in general the average understanding of the Qur'anic learning concept applied with the Yambu'a Method, the Tilawati Method, and the Takrir Method are different or in other words there is a significant difference in average comprehension the concept of student Qur'an learning that has been applied with all three methods. The results of the measurements show that the Yambu'a Method is the most effective way to improve students' understanding of the Qu'an concept compared to the Tilawati Method and the Takrir Method. Based on this research, in order to improve the understanding of the Qur'anic learning concept students are encouraged to use the Yambu'a Method, because it proves to be more effective in increasing the understanding of students' learning concepts of the Qur'an compared to the Tilawati and Takrir Methods


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ijhes, editor. (2019). THE INFLUENCE OF LEARNING METHODS ON UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT . International Journal of Health, Education & Social (IJHES), 1(5), 1-10.

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